CUNY Law Dual-Degree programs


CUNY Law is excited to announce the launch of two dual-degree programs beginning in the 2016-17 academic year. These dual-degree programs allow students to complete a Juris Doctor and earn a Master’s Degree in four years. The programs provide training for students to gain expertise in substantive areas of law and policy. They further integrate CUNY Law’s work with the larger City University of New York system, the nation’s largest public university. They also build on CUNY’s nationally recognized strengths in law, public administration, and international relations. The new dual-degree programs are:

JD/MPA in Law and Public Accountability

CUNY Law offers a dual-degree program in Law and Public Accountability with CUNY’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice. This program combines CUNY Law’s nationally renowned JD program in public interest law with John Jay College’s incomparable MPA program in investigating waste, fraud, and abuse in public services. Graduates will be prepared to make lasting contributions to the pursuit of justice and equality in cases of police bias, government corruption, medical/healthcare fraud, technological misuse, media ethics, and other public service matters.

JD/MA degree in Forensic Psychology

This dual degree combines CUNY Law’s nationally renowned expertise in public service and public interest law with John Jay’s highly recognized program in forensic psychology. This integrated program will allow attorneys to access unique training centered at the intersection of psychology and law. This program does not lead to a certificate in psychology.

JD/MIA in Law and International Affairs

CUNY Law and City College’s Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership offer a dual-degree program in Law and International Affairs. The program combines CUNY Law’s exceptional JD program in public interest law with Colin Powell School’s internationally recognized scholarship. The program addresses many specializations in international law as well as critical topics of societal concern from multiple intellectual perspectives. Graduates will be prepared for careers in national and international governments, multi-national/transnational corporations, international NGOs, and human rights organizations. The program will enhance graduates’ abilities to function as social justice lawyers in an increasingly globalized environment.