Darryl AlbertAlumnus, Class of ‘12

Darryl Albert is one of those few people who will do anything to serve the people and causes he cares about. His compassion led him to the Navy and, eventually, to Fallujah, Iraq. In Iraq, he realized that he wanted to make a different kind of impact, for his community. He decided on a career in law to “put me in position to serve my community in the best possible way.” He applied only to CUNY Law and, he said, “as soon as I walked through the doors, I knew I was in the right place.”

During his time at CUNY Law, Albert worked in the Criminal Defense Clinic and spent a summer at the New Jersey Office of the Public Defender, working on bail reductions, conducting client interviews, and shadowing attorneys. The experience made an impression on him.

During that time, Albert heard a top state public defender describe the role of defenders as making certain the judicial system was healthy. “He said something like, ‘When the worst of the worst of us can have their day in court, that’s a sign that a judicial system is healthy.’

“Those remarks made me feel…this is the role that I play, keeping the judicial system healthy,” said Albert.

Albert has continued along that path; he now works as an attorney with the Westchester Legal Aid Society, helping to keep the judicial system healthy.

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Darryl Albert

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