Law in the Service of Human Needs

Students come to CUNY Law because they want to change the world. Our unique curriculum provides experiential learning beginning on day one to ensure students graduate with the skills and tools they need to make that change.

We offer dual degree programs, classes and clinics during the day and in the evening, so whether you enroll full-time or part-time, you can create a schedule that works for you.

As the national leader in progressive legal education, we then help our graduates find the in-demand public interest and public service jobs that will have an impact on their community.

Our graduates have gone on to change the legal landscape in their own communities and across the country. They have paved the way for marriage equality in New York. They have successfully defended the right to contraception, no matter one’s age, in federal court. And they are leading human rights advocates around the world.


Community & Economic DevelopmentCommunity & Economic Development

The Community & Economic Development (CED) Clinic serves community-based organizational clients—such as nonprofit organizations, worker-owned cooperatives, and tenant associations—that are creating viable neighborhood institutions and organizing for social and economic justice.

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Criminal DefenseCriminal Defense

Student defenders in the criminal defense clinic represent indigent clients charged with misdemeanors in the New York City Criminal Court. Students perform the full range of tasks associated with criminal defense, including interviewing, negotiating, counseling, and the full range of pretrial and trial responsibilities

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Economic JusticeEconomic Justice

Students in the Economic Justice Project provide direct representation to hundreds of CUNY undergraduates fighting to keep their public assistance benefits and to advance their right to pursue college educations.

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Elder LawElder Law

Students represent clients who are grappling with a variety of legal issues and problems related to aging and incapacity. Students work primarily in the areas of adult guardianships, estate and incapacity planning, and government benefits.

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Students examine the meaning of equality, the ways the law promotes or limits equality, and whether the professional role of the lawyer enhances equality for the client and for society, specifically in the areas of employment discrimination.

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Family LawFamily Law

Working within an interdisciplinary model with social work and other professionals, students work on a range of issues such as child welfare/child protection, juvenile justice, immigration, custody, visitation, support, orders of protection, and other family law issues.

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Health LawHealth Law

Students learn the law and skills needed to represent individual and institutional clients in a wide variety of litigation and non-litigation settings.

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Human Rights and Gender JusticeHuman Rights and Gender Justice

CUNY Law students engage in cutting-edge human rights work under close clinical supervision, providing students broad experience in human rights practice.

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Immigrant RightsImmigrant Rights

Students learn to advance social and economic justice through a reflective practice on behalf of individual immigrants and activist groups.

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As mediators, students help parties resolve landlord tenant, family, neighbor and employment-related disputes.

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